Congress Hall | 13.09.2017 | 14.09.2017

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09:45 – 10:00
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dmexco 2017


The Official Opening

Join the Official Opening of the dmexco 2017 and get an overview what you can expect from this year´s show.

Gerald Böse


Christian Muche


Matthias Wahl


10:00 – 10:25
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Opening Keynote


Cognitive and Creativity: Using AI to Transform Industries

Creativity has always been uniquely human. But today, creative thinkers are exponentially enhancing how they create and innovate with the help of cognitive systems like IBM Watson. In this session, IBM Chief Digital Officer, Bob Lord will share how creative professionals are tapping into the massive data of social conversations, images, videos, sounds, colors, flavors and more to extend their own talent and explore areas that were not possible without cognitive systems.

Artificial intelligence is transforming industries and inspiring the creative minds in all of us. Today, creative thinkers are exponentially enhancing how they create and innovate with the help of cognitive systems like IBM Watson. In this session, IBM Chief Digital Officer, Bob Lord will share how creative professionals are using data to explore areas that were not possible without the help of cognitive systems.

Bob Lord

IBM Corporation

10:30 – 11:00
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The Opening Summit


Lightning the Age of Transformation: Do we need a new Mindset?

Moderator: Nigel Morris

To lighten the Age of Transformation, a key prerequisite is to step back from all the digital trends large and small and to take a look at digitization as a whole. How is digitization impacting human beings and business operations? Which skills do we need now, and which ones will we need in ten years’ time in order to master digitization? Which rules should be applied in the work environment of the future? And what kind of mindset do we need in order to explore this process in depth, so that we can successfully manage a transformation that all of us are ultimately happy with?

Allen Blue


Alisée de Tonnac

Seedstar World

11:05 – 11:35
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The Fireside Chat


Season II: Sir Martin Sorrell in conversation with Jack Dorsey

Sir Martin Sorrell and Jack Dorsey are continuing their conversation on the dmexco stage. Listen to the leaders of innovation and transformation discuss their vision of a brand new technology-driven world and Twitter’s role within it.

Jack Dorsey


Sir Martin Sorrell


11:40 – 12:05
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The Spotlight Interview


Future Views from the Valley

Meet two powerful women who know the digital business and its communication secrets like the back of their hand. Margit Wennmachers in conversation with Miriam Meckel will share clear opinions on the latest industry trends and the role of Silicon Valley as their place of origin. They will also take a look into the future: What is at the heart of a trend - and how does a VC company like Andreessen Horowitz identify new stars on the horizon? Learn more about the key ingredients of digital success stories and the crucial role of communication for turning companies into successful brands. Don't miss your chance to join one of the most inspiring talks of this year's dmexco!

Prof. Dr. Miriam Meckel


Margit Wennmachers

Andreessen Horowitz

12:10 – 12:40
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Bad Times, Good Times

Donald Trump calls it “the failing nytimes”, but with record digital subscriber and revenue numbers The New York Times is thriving in the Trump era. CEO Mark Thompson discusses with OMD CEO Mainardo de Nardis the digital transformation of the media industry, the way of The Times, and its response to the biggest political story in years.
Is the momentum The New York Times has achieved in recent quarters sustainable? How important is international expansion to The Times’s strategy? Many publishers are experiencing real challenges building their digital advertising businesses – how does The Times see the future of this revenue stream? And what about the relationship with Google, Facebook and the other Digital Giants?

Mainardo de Nardis

OMD Worldwide

Mark Thompson

The New York Times Company

12:50 – 13:15
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Fireside Chat


The Now Frontier: Do or Die? Technologies for Marketing Right Now

Forget Moore’s Law, technology is advancing at warp speed. Tech that was still aspirational in 2016 –Virtual Reality, IoT, Artificial intelligence – is changing the way people consume media and messages right now, and marketers need to keep pace. Particularly as new realities compound and confound the landscape: blockchain, media consolidation, digital conversations and whatever gets invented tomorrow. In this session, MediaLink’s Michael Kassen will discuss the challenges of keeping pace with an innovative CMO who is moving at the speed of technology and people.

Stay tuned! More to come soon!

Dominique Delport

Havas Group / Vivendi Group

Michael E. Kassan


13:20 – 13:45
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Cross Over

dmexco:connected world

Connecting the World

Moderator: Randall Rothenberg

This inspiring CrossOver of two leading masterminds from BMW and Microsoft will bring on stage one of the hottest topics in a connected world: How will the car of the future connect with the home, office, friends and family and what does this mean for the consumer’s digital life? Cloud-based solutions, voice technology, data, and artificial intelligence are all speeding up the ways in which consumers are connecting with our daily lives, and how marketers can engage with them. This is digital transformation at its best! Join in and get ready for the future.

Dieter May


Rik van der Kooi


13:50 – 14:25
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New Perspectives


The golden rules of the brand whisperers

Moderator: Wolfram Kons

What happens when a modern pop princess and a German longboarder meet up? Step into the alluring world of influencers with YouTube star Rachel Levin, a.k.a. RCL Beauty101, who has two million followers. She will be on stage in Germany for the very first time, together with the award-winning German vlogger Felix von der Laden (/dner). Together with Izad Reza, they will reveal the secrets of being a modern brand whisperer and explain how to create a whole new form of communication between brands and consumers. Experience the encounter of two global influencers live and get some fascinating insights into one of the most frequently discussed topics in our industry!

Petra Czora


Reza Izad

Studio71 / ProSiebenSat1

Rachel Levin

YouTube Creator / RCL Beauty101

Felix von der Laden


14:30 – 15:15
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The dmexco Summit


Are we digitally drunk? Surviving the Marketing Transformation

Moderator: Wolfram Kons

Demystified digitalization? After years of repeatedly investigating the latest trends, advertising formats, and tools, ranging from search ads to video advertising and programmatic buying, we are now experiencing a mood of disenchantment. More and more often, experts are talking about deception, display ads are not completely visible, and the contexts are not brand-safe. People are calling for a new realism — and for clear standards. But what does a new definition of digital advertising look like? What adjustments do we have to make in order to leave ad fraud, clickbaiting, and ad blocking behind us and demonstrably connect digital methods with advertising success? And how can we say goodbye to insular attitudes and skillfully combine the strengths of all channels in a meaningful way? Here, Germany’s leading marketing and media managers will talk about approaches to solutions, creativity, and the power of the consumer.

Florian Adamski

Omnicom Media Group

Sabine Eckhardt

ProSiebenSat.1 Media

Susanne Kunz

Procter & Gamble / OWM

Philipp Markmann

L'Oréal Deutschland

Martin Ott


Philipp Welte

Hubert Burda Media

15:20 – 15:50
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Building Community and Discovering Growth in a Mobile World

Now more than ever, purpose matters and fuels growth. Brands that are able to find their customers on mobile, build community around their products, and communicate their values are cutting through the noise. Join Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, for a discussion around how brands can build meaningful connections – and discover growth – on mobile.

Sheryl Sandberg


16:00 – 16:25
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The Power Talk


Transforming Communications: Innovating Media through Creativity

Is everything 0 and 1, or what? Julia Jäkel and Franziska von Lewinski discuss future areas of business potential, the future of media and brands, and the increasing value of content in the digital age.

Julia Jäkel

Gruner + Jahr

Franziska von Lewinski


16:25 – 16:55
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The Brand Leaders Panel


Engaging the Insomniacs: Building Brands in a World that Never Sleeps

Moderator: Wenda Harris Millard

The words “always on” have lost their sting, but the realities of a population that is “never off” are more urgent than ever. Today’s multi-tasking, multi-screen consumer is constantly on the move … engaging, exploring, shopping, purchasing and even sleeping with their mobile technologies. Building a meaningful connection to the on-demand, wide awake, 21st century consumer is not a challenge for the faint of heart (or the sleepy). Join MediaLink’s Wenda Millard as she probes the strategies of daring marketers who have embraced a world with no off switch.

Constantin Eis


Jeff Lucas


17:00 – 17:25
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Self Disrupt: Creating the next Agency Model

Management consultants, in-house agencies, owned media platforms - the list of powerful disruptions deconstructing the advertising industry is long. To shift from being the disrupted to the disruptor, agencies must completely reimagine their model around delivering innovation to clients.

Join R/GA Founder, Chairman, and CEO Bob Greenberg, as he unpacks how R/GA solved this challenge by disrupting itself and creating a new model that combined the strategic insights of innovation consulting, the technology skills to implement and build the solutions you recommend, and the creative skill to meaningfully engage with people.

Bob Greenberg


17:30 – 18:00
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The Creativity Summit


Being brave - The new Brand Experience

It’s easy to continue creating 30-second TV spots and online films. That’s the push method of advertising. But today we are in the pull society. Customers are more engaged, they own more of the brand arch, and they can sniff bullshit out immediately with the amount of information that is directly available to them. Long-term memory encoding is the most important factor in stimulating purchase intent. Yet the traditional agency model has stayed the same for decades. However, staying the same really means that you’re going backwards. It’s time to change the model as well as future experiences.

Suzanne Darmory


Alicia Hatch

Deloitte Digital

Anthony Reeves


18:05 – 18:30
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Closing Keynote


A Transformational Roadmap for Brand Building

Our industry needs more growth – market growth – since it drives the majority of all company growth and lifts all boats. In this keynote, P&G’s Chief Brand Officer, Marc Pritchard, will share a transformational roadmap for brand building through digital technology. In the computing power business revolution we’re operating in now, growth is shifting and disruption is accelerating. It’s more important than ever to harness the relevant forces to raise the level of the performance needed to win with the people we serve. The bar has never been higher on the need for better creativity, better innovation, fueled by partnership and productivity to drive growth and value creation.

Marc Pritchard

Procter & Gamble