Debate Hall | 13.09.2017 | 14.09.2017

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10:00 – 10:35
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Who is the Fairest One of All? The Future of the Digital Advertising Value Chain

Moderator: Kerstin Clessienne

As the story of digital advertising continues to evolve, advertisers, agencies, and publishers alike are struggling to respond accordingly. Delivering meaningful results in this complex and sometimes confusing landscape has become the holy grail for everyone. With the rise of programmatic, digital advertising promises to become more transparent and easier to operate. But who are the contributors that can really justify and enhance the value of ad spending? Data is the biggest asset of this supply chain, and accurate decisions must be made very quickly. While the value that platforms like Google or Facebook with their walled gardens deliver in this regard is huge, the world outside seems to be equally powerful. This raises the question whether there is a preferred way to operate, and what its advantages are. But who is the most powerful link in this value chain to decide on this question? In an era of concerns about transparency, calls are getting louder to break down the walled gardens and let go of the various billing models. We are looking forward to learning where in this digital trading business media agencies, technology providers, publishers and advertisers see themselves. Listen to top speakers from some of the most influential Media and AdTech groups as they unfold their part of the story.

Robert Bosch


Markus Frank


Ulrich Hegge


Dr. Alwin Mahler


Carsten Schwecke

Media Impact

10:40 – 11:05
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Marketing in the Age of Assistance

Tomorrow’s consumers can get exactly what they want, instantly and effortlessly. This is having a profound impact on the world of marketing, as people increasingly expect brands to anticipate and deliver on their needs in every moment. In this session, Tara will share how leading marketers are partnering with Google to create fast, frictionless experiences that grow their brands.

Tara Walpert Levy


11:10 – 11:40
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The Cross Screen Challenge


From big to small - and back: How to watch and brand with multichannel formats?

Moderator: Anna Bager

The video ecosystem has never been more exciting – and complicated. As consumers embrace the convergence of traditional TV and digital video media companies, agencies and brands are being challenged to take a more holistic approach to delivering content and marketing messages to their target groups. Programmatic video, addressable TV, connected TV/OTT, virtual reality, vertical video, live video, original digital video, and native video are changing the rules of advertising. Let’s discuss what is already there and what is still needed to truly transform and master the cross-screen challenge!

Yoav Arnstein


Allen Klosowski


Peter Naylor


Eun-Kyung Park

SevenOne AdFactory

11:45 – 12:10
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Think Tank


Managing brand equity in a world of individuals

Moderator: Jim Cooper

Big brands used to spreading their stories with expensive TV spots that reach millions of people. But these times are fading into history. Brand-building today needs to be done differently. Today’s consumers are much more individual, hyperconnected, and overloaded. They are looking for more relevant connections and greater meaning in their lives. Brand marketers today must work with culture and technology on an equal level. They need a deep understanding of the tools and platforms that customers are using. That, in turn, requires a new and unique set of skills, from harnessing new technology platforms to understanding smart data while simultaneously linking it with storytelling and creativity to finally engage customers. Let's hear how these three top global executives are transforming brand-building and creating strategies to empower brands for tomorrow’s consumer.

Chris Curtin


John Devine


Danielle Lee


12:15 – 12:50
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The Retail Media Debate


The Conquerors of the Last Mile in Digital Advertising

Moderator: Melanie Vogelbacher

E-commerce and mobile commerce have interrupted the traditional customer journey in many ways. Digital retailers are looking for smart ways to provide marketers with premium opportunities to connect with their customers at the digital point of sale. With the opening of their retail platforms for advertising and branded content, digital retail media has emerged as an exciting new category of advertising. Renowned retailers such as Amazon, Otto Group or Rewe Group are now offer advertising solutions and brand-funded content that delivers cross-device targeting and exploits their first-party data. But are they already a realistic and attractive alternative to traditional publisher platforms? While customer data is the most important asset, brands are increasingly losing their impact in the digital world. Which role could retail media play in this game of finding the right connections between various touchpoints, both on- and offline? Look forward to the latest business concepts in retail media, brought to you by some of the masterminds in retail and brand marketing.

Torsten Ahlers

Otto Group Media

Philip Missler

Amazon Online Germany

Dr. Johannes Steegmann

REWE Digital

Kai Thornagel

Mondelēz International

Richy Ugwu

Retail Media Group

12:55 – 13:20
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dmexco:artificial intelligence

Face AI: When Marketing Machines are learning

Moderator: Martin Meyer-Gossner

In today's digital economy, it's not sufficient any more to deliver personalized customer experiences. Those experiences need to be smarter, faster and in the right context to be relevant for the easily distracted user. Machine learning is already considered by many marketers as essential to their ability to deliver timely and relevant experiences. It defines the customer audience on the basis of its previous and current behaviors, and immediately produces a prediction of the estimated value of this audience for a specific brand.
Just recently, IBM partnered with the marketing cloud specialist Salesforce to deliver a unified AI- powered solution that brings together IBM Watson and Salesforce Einstein. Now you can meet two brilliant minds from these companies and listen to their fireside chat about how machine learning is transforming marketing insights and how it can empower marketers to use data in ways that have never been tried before.

Paul Papas


Jon Suarez-Davis


13:30 – 14:00
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Challenge 2017 Award


The Future of Advertising

Moderator: Aljoscha Höhn

The top finalist teams of the BVDW Challenge Award 2017 will present their ideas and visions at dmexco. Here you’ll see how creative young professionals envision the future of brand communication in 2025.
The jury on stage:
Lea Drusio, Senior Digital Manager, Nestlé Purina PetCare
Marco Zingler, CEO, denkwerk GmbH
René Lamsfuß, Chief Research Officer, Publicis Media & & Stv. Vorsitzender des Fachkreises Online-Mediaagenturen im BVDW

Joel te Poel & Julia Lohse

Team Blau

Lisa Gittner & Yasemin Delen

Team Rot

14:05 – 14:35
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The Privacy Debate


Preparing for GDPR: Embracing the inevitable regulations

Moderator: Townsend Feehan

Becoming effective in 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the upcoming ePrivacy regulations will bring fundamental changes to the legal framework in which every business dealing with data in Europe has to operate. Especially companies who rely on third party data or whose business model is based on tracking people across the internet and using the data will be affected. Critical voices, among them the World Federation of Advertisers, doubt that the digital landscape is already prepared for the implications of the GDPR. Let's get started with the upcoming changes now and discuss the right ways to embrace the inevitable regulations in our industry, from processes and policies through to technology changes.

Donata Hopfen


Stephan Loerke

World Federation of Advertisers

Dr. Sachiko Scheuing


Julia Shullman


14:40 – 15:10
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The B2B Debate


B2B goes E-Commerce - how to transform the elephant

Moderator: Lennart A. Paul

In the B2C field, Amazon is currently the unchallenged leader regarding service and customer focus. However, in the B2B sector the race is not yet over. Leading B2B companies such as Hilti, Certeo, and Contorion have a much deeper understanding of what business clients expect. The participants of this panel will discuss what companies need in order to translate this knowledge into digital concepts so as to become digital leaders in the B2B sector and stay ahead of the competition.

Johann Jenson


Alexander Ketzler


Tobias Tschötsch


15:15 – 15:45
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The Relevance Debate


New Take on Search

Moderator: Martin Meyer-Gossner

In the last ten years search has changed dramatically: Consumers are looking for products in a different way by starting many of their searches on marketplaces like Amazon, retailers like Metro, Otto Group or discovery apps like Pinterest. Special Search advertising tools are facilitating search by providing transparent CPC-based model with keywords advertisers can bet on. In this panel, leading experts will discuss how Search is working for brands - and how the platforms´s first party data make ads most relevant for the consumers.

Colleen Aubrey


Nicolas Darveau


Yoav Izhar-Prato


Jon Kaplan


15:55 – 16:20
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Transformation Market Opportunities

Companies that try to kick off the digital transformation by focusing on their traditional business operations are on the losing side. This is the thesis that Matthias Schrader presents in his new book about transformational products. Whereas many companies are failing to rethink and to nurture their customer relations, Google and others are inventing totally new markets. What is the strategy behind this transformation of the market? How can companies create new opportunities for themselves? And how can publishers like Ströer come up with new solutions and intelligent strategies that will help them build up their customer relationships on a higher, more intense level? Christian Schmalzl and Matthias Schrader will talk about the great possibilities that companies can dive into as they explore new markets.

Christian Schmalzl


Matthias Schrader


16:25 – 16:55
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29 Women


The Female Perspective: Empowering Women around the Globe

Moderator: Nora Beckershaus

In keeping with the spirit of the times, dmexco 2017 will showcase strong women around the globe. With the support of The Female Quotient and the millennial magazine Refinery29 the dmexco present successful, one-of-a-kind female managers. Together, these 29 women stand for a future characterized by diversity and equality. Four of the 29 female managers will speak at dmexco and will share their personal experiences with us. Hear their turning points and what gave their careers a boost. And let’s discuss, what it means to be at female top-manager in different parts of the world.

Katharina Borchert


Carolyn Everson


Emma Heming Willis


Bessie Lee


Shelley Zalis

The Girls' Lounge

17:00 – 17:30
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The Transformation Debate


Tech-Savvy Brand Leadership in an Extended world

Moderator: Martin Meyer-Gossner

We are on a transformation journey that pivots the business and the organization. It challenges Brand Builders and Tech to collaborate in new ways. It is about data and creativity. The anatomy of a modern Brand builder combines superior consumer understanding, unique brand experiences, selling and data models. It is about business leadership, it is brand and selling powered by data.

Sophie Blum

Procter & Gamble

Bob Lord

IBM Corporation

David Meza

NASA - Johnson Space Center

17:35 – 18:00
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The Leadership Debate


Digital Mindshift: From Pure to Mindful Marketing Business

Moderator: Julia von Winterfeldt

The concept of mindfulness, currently flooding all areas of our daily lives, has finally reached the digital economy. Consequently, more and more companies are looking for ways to embrace meaningful digitization rather than just jumping on the bandwagon of being always on and technically up to speed. In times where fake news and brand safety are major issues for companies, it is no wonder that business leaders and marketers are taking steps towards a more conscious and holistic approach to our digital world. They become aware that the digital transformation of their organization is based on technology, but it's still the individual that should come first. Mindful marketing focusses on the balanced interaction between humans and technology. But what exactly does that mean for our business? What are the consequences of being mindful in an industry that is based on automation, data, reach and KPIs?

James Connelly


Jascha Kaykas-Wolff


18:05 – 18:30
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The Native Debate


Reaching out to Millennials

Moderator: Debra Sercy

Let's explore the evolving link between brands and young, digital (female) consumers, often put into this legendary segment called "millennials". Refinery29 founder Philippe von Borries and L'Oréal's general manager Alma Lipa know how to "catch" the audience through creativity and boundary pushing content that stands for something. What is the best approach to reach the much sought-after digital natives? What do they care for - and how can this be translated into engaging content?

Alma Lipa

L'Oréal Deutschland

Philippe von Borries