Debate Hall | 13.09.2017 | 14.09.2017

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10:00 – 10:35
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The Coalition Debate


Previously on better Advertising

Moderator: Martin Meyer-Gossner

The Coalition for better Ads was announced last year, and the first results are now in. So how do they look? Are the new standards up to the job of bringing adblockers back to advertising? Can mobile — the youngster among the channels — give the advertising industry a second chance in this area? And on top of all that, the new EU data protection directive is due next year. How’s that going to affect customer data and tracking? What additional options are going to be open to publishers looking for profits, if they can’t rely on advertising? And while we’re on the subject of ads, how do they have to be placed, if they are to be acceptable to the user? In fact, to what extent can the development be reversed at all?

Thomas Duhr


Arne Kirchem

OWM / Unilever

Karin Libowitzky


Dr. Thomas Schreiber


Thomas Wagner

SevenOne Media

10:40 – 11:10
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The Publishers Debate


Where is the Power of Monetization?

Moderator: Tolgay Azman

Content generators are in high demand, but their workplaces have never been as diverse as they are today. The established publishing groups are faced with a new breed of competitors ranging from brands and companies that exploit increasingly sophisticated content marketing strategies, all the way to news aggregators piggybacking on their content. Captivating content can nowadays be delivered through a bazillion websites, apps, devices, and platforms. Which strategies are best suited to leverage proprietary content and maximize returns? Should publishers keep their content close to their chests or even behind paywalls, release portions of it to other platforms in order to direct users back to theirs, or free up their content completely and let it live and breathe on the partner's product? The participants of this panel represent both worlds: on the one hand, publishing groups that are highly leveraged on unique proprietary content and driven by high-value journalism and, on the other, new platforms that are tied to digital channels and devices. Are they truly opposed to each other, or do they share more common ground than the public might expect?

Ben Barokas


Krishan Bhatia


Robert Bradley


Peter Würtenberger

Axel Springer

11:15 – 11:55
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Big Final


The dmexco and Procter&Gamble Start-up Hatch Final

Moderator: Martin Meyer-Gossner

At today’s big finale of the Start-up HATCH, awards will be presented to the best four of the previous day’s pitches at the dmexco Start-up Village. This competition is bringing together the most innovative early-stage start-ups that offer a solution, a product or a service for digital marketing. They are presenting their ideas about how to lead the media, advertising, and Internet of Things sectors.
The finale will be run in a “shark tank” format, in which each of the four selected start-ups will make a six-minute presentation to our impressive jury of VCs, accelerators, and marketers. The winner will be chosen and crowned by the jury live on stage and will be able to collect the prize money of €20,000, which will be provided and presented by Procter & Gamble. Reserve your seat early enough to witness this exceptional competition!

Sophie Blum

Procter & Gamble

Dr. Florian Heinemann

Project A

Terence Kawaja

LUMA Partners

Bessie Lee


Christoph Schuh

Lake Star

12:00 – 12:25
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Fireside Chat


The CMO Talk

Claudia Willvonseder, Global CMO Ikea in conversation with Carla Buzasi, an award-winning journalist and now leads the consulting and content business at global trend forecaster, WGSN. Both women have been honored for their work and creative ideas and are dedicated to redefining the future of content and marketing.

Carla Buzasi


Claudia Willvonseder


12:30 – 13:05
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The Mobile Debate


New Touchpoint: What Is the Missing Link in Mobile Advertising?

Moderator: JC Oliver

It's not about mobile, it's about mobility! So let's connect the growth of mobile with the need for more personalization, consumer-centricity, and a seamless experience. In a world of consumers with an always-on lifestyle, these outstanding leaders from the areas of mobile and advertising will discuss the key challenges that are facing brands emerging from the transformation into a mobile-only world that will soon feature connected things, homes, and cars. They will also discuss the need to optimize and operationalize an overall media mix for brands. We're looking forward to hearing their ideas about how to strengthen partnerships and intensify the commitment to seamless, location-informed, and positive brand experiences, wherever and whenever the consumer is being engaged.

Brian Benedik


Andrew Buckman

Sublime Skinz

Maggie Mesa


Mollie Spilman


Jo Sutherland


13:20 – 13:45
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Fireside Chat


Global Media Masterminds: Brand Media challenges ahead

Moderator: Elizabeth Buchanan

Join two extraordinary masterminds heading global media for powerful brands in an open conversation about the future of global media and marketing strategies: P&G's global head of media Gerry D’Angelo, who is charged with making Marc Pritchard's call for more transparency and openness in the digital media supply chain a reality, and the man managing all of Mastercard's global paid media, Ben Jankowski.

Gerry D'Angelo

Procter & Gamble

Ben Jankowski


13:50 – 14:30
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The Giant Bet


Is mobile everything? Blurring Boundaries vs. Channel specific thinking

Moderator: Mark Wächter

Are the boundaries blurring? Is channel-specific thinking outdated? Or will the stationary and the mobile Internet simply remain two separate worlds? The prevailing opinion in the market is that the boundaries between the stationary and the mobile Internet must be abandoned. That would harmonize our thinking, technology, and creativity. But must we really abandon these boundaries? Or is this only a comfortable oversimplification? Both of these Internet worlds have continued to develop, and in many areas they have converged. However, these developments have also shown that advertising on smartphones and tablets is a game with different rules. Consumers will always want to be addressed in a special way on their mobile devices. Shouldn’t marketers accept the specific characteristics of the various channels, build bridges, and combine their strengths? And where does the road lead from here? What should be our approach to the digital display in the living room — the TV, home movie theater, game station or connection with the World Wide Web? What about the smart home, the connected car, and digital outdoor advertising? Will advertising customers, agencies, and marketers be able to put their focus on the aspects that mobile and stationary applications have in common — or will they instead have to emphasize their channel-specific differences?

Maike Abel


Rasmus Giese

United Internet Media

Sascha Jansen

Omnicom Media Group

Dirk Kraus


Martin Lütgenau

BurdaForward Advertising

Katja Reis

Zenith - Publicis Media

14:35 – 15:05
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The Global Perspective


Brand Commerce: Transforming the shopping experience for Digital Natives

Moderator: Bernhard Glock

The pace of change of media consumption and commerce is being warped by technology at a blistering pace, with no sign of letting down. As a result the worlds of advertising and commerce are colliding rapidly as the cycle of influencing consumer intent, driving a sale, and building a brand become more condensed, more immediate, and consummately more complex. How will trends like the rise of “Digital Natives” and the proliferation of ubiquitous platforms shape the future of shopping? And how are brands, retailers, and media owners trying to keep up or shape the change?

Kris Beyens


Jean Lin


15:10 – 15:35
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AI, Bots, Cognitive Services… Transforming Marketing now

The Future is now: Digital Transformation is not simply about technology — it requires business leaders, marketers, brands to re-envision existing business models and embrace a different way of bringing together people, data, and processes to create value for their customer. In this session, Microsoft's Stephen Sirich and Shenda Loughnane, iProspect, lift the veil on tomorrow’s technologies disrupting our industry today.

Shenda Loughnane


Stephen Sirich


15:40 – 16:15
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The Efficiency Debate


The digital advertising supply chain revolution

Moderator: Terence Kawaja

The digital ecosystem is under fire. Obscure metrics, offensive content, ad fraud and fake news have led to a growing skepticism around the efficiency of digital advertising. Just recently, key industry players such as JPMorgan Chase and Procter & Gamble have taken decisive steps against the obvious lack of transparency, safety and standardization across the digital media pipeline. The movement towards a fully trustworthy supply chain is shaking up the entire industry -- some are even calling it a revolution. But whose fault is this digital fairytale gone bad - and who takes the responsibility for bringing it back on track?

In this discussion, key representatives of all parts of the digital value chain will tackle the biggest threats the digital industry faces. Do they have concrete plans, for example, to address suspect or fake information? How can the underlying systems, processes, technologies, transactions, and relationships be overhauled without putting the whole (programmatic) industry at risk? We are looking forward to an exciting discussion around the digital supply chain as it should be and the revolutionary changes to reach this goal.

Dennis Buchheim

IAB Tech Lab

Andrew Casale

Index Exchange

Nick Hugh

The Telegraph

Tim Mahlman


Brian Stempeck

The Trade Desk

16:20 – 16:55
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The Measurement Debate


How to get hold of our Online Ads' Success - and what's beyond Viewability?

Moderator: Martin Meyer-Gossner

About 400 years ago, Galileo Galilei said, “Measure everything that is measurable, and make everything measurable that is not yet so.” There’s still a lot of truth in this statement today. However, there is still a lack of measurable standards in many areas of the media business. The Measurement Panel will address the most urgent questions in this area: What is the current status of the visibility debate? What challenges will face us in the future, and what are the next steps we must take? There are still many open questions related to the measurement of online moving images and of programmatic delivery. Another issue besides the lack of measurements is the existence of erroneous measurements that have serious consequences. How can measurement mistakes be avoided, and who has to bear the responsibility for them? Another important issue is the validity of audience verification. Are the results really reliable, and thus appropriate for optimizing campaigns? How should the interplay between advertisers, agencies, and tech suppliers function in order to establish effective and feasible standards, metrics, and measurement techniques?

Jin Choi


Bjoern Kaspring


Christian Scholz


Uwe Storch


Dr. Tanja zu Waldeck


17:00 – 17:30
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Insights & The Hot Chair


The State of the Industry - Alliances on the rise

Moderator: Martin Meyer-Gossner

Listen, watch and be inspired. This entertaining session is fast, frank and forceful and turns dmexco’s Hot Chair into a highlight of the second dmexco day. You shouldn't miss this!

Paul Mudter


Lothar Prison

Publicis Media

Carsten Schwecke

Media Impact