Christian Strobl
Christian Strobl

Hackerbay is the global leading expert on software innovation and paths the way by embedding hacker culture into organizations of any size. Embedding Hacker Culture reduces the complexity in every segment of software innovation and has the vision to overcome limitations.

At Hackerbay, we champion non-linearity. We believe in Hacker Culture: the mind-set of infinite possibility. We aspire to boundless achievement, and we aim to empower the worlds of business and technology by connecting them in a way that has never been done.

Our parents’ generation championed linearity: school and university, then an internship and finally a full-time job. This path was very predictable and apparently ‘safe’. But there is nothing safe about it anymore. Since the financial crisis and the advent of the Internet, this pattern no longer guarantees success or financial security- not to mention personal fulfillment. At Hackerbay, we are harnessing the intellectual power of the future; the hacker generation. As an empowerment platform, we match businesses with hackers who are capable of unlocking hidden digital potential that they didn’t know they had.

Ultimately, we want to globalize the Hacker Culture mindset. We understand that the world of technology can be dark and mysterious and unexplored by everyone aside from the technological elite. However, Hackerbay has been to Silicon Valley, observed, learned and grown. We have combined new resources and knowledge with our mindset of infinite possibility: and now we want to share it with the world.

My dream is that everyone will be brave enough to forget linearity and to follow the career path they are truly passionate about. When this happens, the world will certainly be a better place. A positive, aspirational community will reduce conflict and even poverty. Hackerbay and the culture it stands for is my first small step towards this goal. I can't imagine working on anything more important than empowering people to empower each other.