Jamie Angus
Jamie Angus

Jamie Angus is the Deputy Director of BBC World Service Group and the Editorial Director of BBC Global News Ltd. Jamie acts as deputy to Francesca Unsworth, the Director of BBC World Service Group, and also provides strategic editorial leadership for the BBC’s commercial international news offering including BBC World News and BBC.com.
Jamie joined the BBC in 1999 as a researcher for BBC Radio 4’s flagship news and current affairs programme, Today, where he stayed for eight years, latterly as Assistant Editor. In 2007 Jamie became the Editor for daytime news programmes on BBC World Service, where he oversaw programmes such as Newshour. In 2009, Jamie became the Editor of Radio 4’s The World at One, overseeing the programme throughout a period which included the UK’s General Election in 2010, and the subsequent formation of the coalition government.
In 2010 Jamie joined BBC Global News (now World Service Group) as a commissioner. His time here included a stint running the newsroom at BBC World News, as well as devising and launching new TV bulletins for Global News in Swahili, Urdu, Hindi and the new daily programme Focus on Africa. He was also responsible for commissioning the World Service radio breakfast show, Newsday, which he launched in 2012.
Following a stint as Acting Editor for the BBC’s nightly current affairs programme, Newsnight, in 2012 – 2013, Jamie returned to BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme as Editor covering high profile stories including the 2015 UK General Election, Scottish independence referendum and the EU referendum.