Debate Hall | 14.09.2016 | 15.09.2016

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10:00 – 10:20
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Special Edition


Morning Briefing

Digital, succinct, and backed up strong opinions: this is how the "Morning Briefing" by Gabor Steingart supplies the latest economic policy news from around the world every morning at 6 am. With a "Morning Briefing" penned specifically for the dmexco, Handelsblatt publisher Gabor Steingart will open the "Debate Hall" in his accustomed eloquent and pointed style supplying the keywords and food for thought for the day ahead. Or to put it another way: Morning Briefing let the dmexco begin!

Gabor Steingart


10:25 – 10:55
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The Efficiency Debate


The programmable Age - Smarter ads for a complex world

"Programmatic is dead. Programmable has taken over." Provocative words from the AppNexus Management. As we enter the world of music and video streaming, machine learning, interactive gaming, IoT, the cloud, VR, and chatting, we leave the one-channel Internet world. "Smart ads" are possible because their creators are able to adjust advertising to time, location, and personal needs through deep learning systems. This results in higher response, happier advertisers, and a great customer experience. But are we really entering a new age?

Presenter: Martin Meyer-Gossner, dmexco

Ivan Guzenko


Norm Johnston

Mindshare Global

Michael Rubenstein


Dan Taylor


11:00 – 11:30
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The Extension Debate


The Outernet - Connecting everything everywhere

When mobile devices meet outdoor advertising: The great potential of the outernet lies in its transactional nature. Whereas outdoor ads provide visual impetus, mobile devices enable real-time interaction - for example, when mobile shopping coupons are directly downloaded to device wallets. The placement of the ads, the buying experience, and the creative aspect are all interwined in the outernet, and programmatic advertising is the tool of choice to bring creativity and the media together. The outernet holds exciting opportunities for advertisers. However, this evolution is still in its very early stages. One of the biggest challenges is the gathering and use of meaningful and reliable consumer data. Besides, the technical obstacles and the legal implications of collecting movement patterns, mobile network data, information about app and online use etc. have to be clarified. In addition, with the mobile consumer in mind, is this omnipresence the kind of brand experience he/she wants?
Let's ask some of the leading experts in the field of mobile and out-of-home solutions about the real value of outernet advertising. How can the existing challenges be overcome in order to successfully connect with the customer?

Presenter: Chris Marjoram, Rapport London

Patrick Swientek

Nestl Deutschland // Maggi

Dr. Kai-Marcus Thaesler


Christian von den Brincken


Dr. Susan Wegner

Telekom Labs

11:35 – 12:05
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The Mobile Debate


Today's Marketing Maze - Solving the cross device problem

The mobile development is in full speed: First the smartphone boom, then the tablet trend, and now wearable devices, smart home technology, and even connected cars coming soon. A great convenience for the mobile audience turns out to be a dilemma for marketers trying to advertise across devices. Whats most needed is a recipe for delivering a great and seamless experience across all devices for the users and for the brands.

Presenter: Anna Bager, IAB

Andr Ferraz

In Loco Media

Scott Shapiro


Michiel van Eldik


Henk van Niekerk

AOL International

12:10 – 12:35
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The Influencer Debate


The New Creative Economy - How can brands and creators collaborate?

The new creators are engaging with audiences in different ways than before, particularly for younger audiences - more mobile, shorter formats, more interactive. These influencers become stars in their own right and are trusted by their audience. Brands look at these relationships with envy and want to leverage them, just as they have with celebrities in the past. They realise however they need to do this in an authentic way. The question is how. This panel will look at the growth of the new creative community, what brands are doing successfully and, most importantly, what the creators want out of the relationship.

Yonca Brunini


Delphine Buchotte

L'Oreal Paris

Mark Read


Jamie Spafford

Sorted Food

12:40 – 13:10
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The Value Debate


Attention CXOs - Is your Customer Engagement increasing Company Value

How can management connect customer engagement to shareholder value? To do this, management must be laser-focused on engaging the customer, ensuring profitable decisions, and improving convenience all along the customer experience. Why does this matter? Can consumers, brands, and businesses all benefit? What does this mean for e-commerce?

Presenter: Shah Karim, SafeRock

Simon Fabich

MONOQI - Things I Like

Volker Glaeser

Twice Reply Germany

Stephan Schambach


Martin Wild


13:20 – 13:50
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Challenge 2016 Award


The Future of Advertising

The top finalist teams of the BVDW Challenge Award 2016 will present their ideas and visions at dmexco. Here youll see how creative young professionals envision the future of brand communication in 2025.

The jury on stage:
- Marco Zingler, CEO, denkwerk & Vice-President at the German Association of Digital Economy (BVDW)
- Anke Herbener, CEO, Digitas LBi, Chairman of the full-service digital agency group & President at the German Association of Digital Economy (BVDW)
- Dr. Lars Hewel, Managing Director Randstad Professionals, Randstad Germany

Presenter: Aljoscha Hoehn, BVDW

"Team Blue":Elena Frieling

Havas Media

"Team Red": Daniel Johansson


"Team Red": Sarah Kniewel


"Team Blue": Mai-Trinh Nguyen

Havas Media

13:55 – 14:25
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Political Talk


Deutschland 4.0 - How the digital Transformation succeeds

Thinking of engineering, cars and technology, Germany is one of the most important exporters worldwide. But when it comes to digital, Google, Facebook, Amazon & Co. are dominating the market transforming every single sector of the industry. Considering the current disruptive trends and changes of automation, the connected consumer, big data and analytics, mobile and new business platforms, how can Germany and the local industry compete and provide a better infrastructure to support the digital business? Why isn't there any German brand playing a global leading role so far and what makes it so challenging for global brands to be successful? And how should a German digital master plan should look like? Listen to some of the key players from the politics as well as industry sector how they see the near future of the German digiconomy in a global competition.

Presenter: Sven Afhppe, Handelsblatt

Dominik Dommick


Lars Klingbeil


Prof. Dr. Tobias Kollmann

Universitt Duisburg-Essen

Matthias Wahl


Christoph Weigler


14:30 – 15:05
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The Policy Debate


Big Data advertising - EU in a clash between regulations and innovations

The European Commission is pushing hard on its Digital Single Market agenda, with new legislative or policy proposals emerging virtually every week. Big data is as much of a buzz word in Brussels as in companies' marketing departments. But will all the attention bring changes that enable innovation and investment in online advertising, or just tie the ecosystem up in knots? From data protection to harmonisation of contract rules, to platform regulation and plans to encourage the free flow of data, EU regulation is business-critical, creating compliance challenges but also commercial opportunities. Join us to learn where you can get the information you need to stay on the right side of the law, and to help shape Europe's future digital economy.

Presenter: Dr. Joachim Jobi, BVDW

Stephan Beringer

Publicis Media

Prof. Niko Hrting

Hrting Rechtsanwlte

Nick Hugh


Alain Levy


Christian Sauer


15:10 – 15:35
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Powering the consumer experience through innovative brand engagement

Welcome to the Age of the Customer. Marketing is shifting from campaigns to customer journeys. And customer experience is the new competitive battlefield. If you want your customers love your brand and become ambassadors, you need to deliver a seamless and personalized experience, every step of the way. In this talk Stan Sugarman, Salesforce, will discuss with Anja Stolz, Comerzbank, how modern marketing technology is enabling companies to become customer centric. They will explore how a traditional German bank is adopting innovative new marketing and customer experience strategies. Get insights from these two marketing experts about the latest trends in marketing in the age of the customer.

Presenter: Kelly Liyakasa, AdExchanger

Anja Stolz


Stan Sugarman


15:45 – 16:20
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The VR Debate


A (Virtual) Reality for Marketers

Virtual reality could very well be the most important platform for content creators and marketers to emerge over the next decade. With consumers placing more value on emotion and experience, the platform is positioned to fundamentally change how future generations engage with content, entertainment, gaming, education and more. Now is the time for brands and marketers to embrace VR and help define the marketplace as it develops in real-time. Hear from evangelistsincluding Samsungs Marc Mathieu, The New York Times Magazines Andy Wright and Starcom Worldwides Lisa Donohue in a conversation moderated by The New York Times Sam Dolnick,as they discuss how VRs content boundaries are being tested and stretched to engage consumers in new ways.

Presenter: Sam Dolnick, The New York Times

Lisa Donohue


Christoffer Nokelby

Mercedes Benz Cars Norway

Andy Wright

The New York Times

16:25 – 17:00
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The Collaboration Debate


The Tipping Point of the Ad Ecosystem: Who wins? Who looses?

Digital advertising has reached a new tipping point. Ad fraud, viewability, and brand safety are challenging marketers on one side; transparency, relevance, and budget considerations on the other. In addition, new players are entering the digital advertising ecosystem and striving to unlock the full potential of advertiser media buying across the digital advertising ecosystem. How is the digital advertising ecosystem changing? What are the key factors for success? And, who will be the winners? Lets listen to challengers and traditional key players to get their views on the market.

Presenter: Martin Meyer-Gossner, dmexco

Tina Beuchler

Organisation Werbetreibende im Markenverband (OWM)

Matthias Bruell

GroupM Germany

Dr. Wolfgang Faisst


Bjoern Kaspring


Martin Luetgenau


17:05 – 17:35
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The Data Debate


Analytics Overload: How to Navigate Data Without Getting Buried

Data, a word that has been badly misused over the last five years, is an essential element to any business in marketing, media or tech. In fact, these industries are awash in more and more data seemingly by the minute, as the digital world opens up stream after stream of new types of information. How does one determine the right information to use, and how accurate it is? We hear the insights from the leading brands Nielsen, iCrossing and Reckitt Benckiser.

Presenter: James Cooper, ADWEEK

Mitch Barns


Nick Brien


Laurent Faracci

Reckitt Benckiser

17:40 – 18:20
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The Campfire: Perspectives on Video

dmexco & Unruly invite you to join the first Unpanel @ dmexco which puts you in control of the conversation. You can add unlimited topics around video to the mix, shape unconventional discussions and drive an untamed agenda. Hosted by Sarah Wood, co-founder and co-CEO at Unruly, you can throw away your agendas, lean in and participate in some free flowing (and hopefully unexpected!) discussions.
How do you get involved? Simply add your thoughts, doodles or pic to the whiteboard located outside of the Debate Hall. Once youve decided the topics, well dive into the details. Be unafraid. Very unafraid.

Presenter: Martin Meyer-Gossner, dmexco

Christoph Bornschein


Paul Marcum

Truffle Pig

Gretchen Tibbits


Dr. Sarah Wood