Matt Celuszak
Matt Celuszak

Entrepreneur and speaker, Matt is a Co-founder of CrowdEmotion and serves as its CEO & Chairman.

Matt spent the last 10 years building data driven, technology solutions for human measurement within the Americas and EMEA founding CrowdEmotion with a deeply personalised technology at global scale.

He is listed in TechCity Insider's 2014 100 entrepreneurs to watch as he transforms academic advancement in neuroscience into commercial value.

Under his leadership, CrowdEmotion won 6 competitions in 2014 and the MRS Grand Prix 2015 for its work with BBC and Lightspeed GMI disrupting broadcast research.

In 2015, Matt setup the founding team and board to prepare CrowdEmotion for hyper growth in 2016 as customer signups grow over 400%.

In early 2016, CrowdEmotion setup MeMo to harness the media focused IP of CrowdEmotion gained within the BBC. Matt currently serves as Chairman and CEO to build out the management team and IP assets that enable content producers and distributors to harness digital personalisation at scale.

CrowdEmotion is founded in Matt's belief that team motivation and productivity driven from purpose is best served through equality and transparency. CrowdEmotion practices flat structures with tiered equal pay and transparent, performance based recognition incentives linked to company purpose and profitability.

Matt's speaking topics include: impacts of a borderless future, getting personal with technology, bootstrapping businesses, and building purpose driven innovation teams through transparency and diversity.