Dr. Peter Figge
Dr. Peter Figge

Dr. Peter Figge is an executive board member and partner at the Jung von Matt
Group, Europes powerhouse for innovative and efficient communication ideas and
solutions. He has many years of international consulting experience in the fields of advertising and marketing, working for German and international brands with a particular concentration on issues which are driven by the digital transformation. He focuses on the automotive and telecommunication industries and has worked in Hong Kong,Paris, Zurich and Hamburg.

Professional development
Since 2010 Partner and board member, Jung von Matt AG, Hamburg
2008 2010 Managing Director of DDB Group Germany, Berlin
2005 2010 CEO, Tribal DDB, Hamburg
2000 2005 Managing Director, Proximity Germany, Hamburg
Member of the Board, Proximity Worldwide, London
1999 2004 Faculty Member BBDO University, New York
1995 2000 Manager and Member of the Executive Board, KNSK/BBDO, Hamburg