Brand Safety and the Limits of Programmatic Advertising

Night Talk in Munich with “Germany’s coolest programmatic hero”!

The topic for the first dmexco Night Talk in 2016 was intentionally selected to provoke differences of opinion. What are the limits of programmatic advertising? How can brands protect themselves against negative advertising environments that can damage their reputation? Some 170 marketing, digital, and media experts gathered together for the kickoff event of this year’s dmexco Night Talk series on March 1, 2016, in the Freiheizhalle in Munich to discuss current problems associated with unsuccessful ad placements in digital media. Siamac Rahnavard, Managing Partner at Cadreon/IPG and sponsor of the evening event, made it clear to the advertising managers from the very beginning that brands are by no means powerless to defend and protect themselves in the digital web, provided they utilize programmatic advertising and turn to experts for support. For example, automated technology enables lightning-fast responses that can optimize ad campaigns in emergencies. Rahnavard impressed the audience with his clear statements as he called on advertising specialists to be more courageous and demanded that brands finally leave the fax age behind. After concluding his Elevator Speech, Siamac, who was called “Germany’s coolest programmatic hero” by the evening’s host, moved on to the Hot Chair, where he answered provocative questions with impressive ease. Mark Stohlmann of Telefónica Media Services, who served as the digital “prophet” for the evening, then offered a visionary look into the future. Stohlmann’s theory is that programmatic advertising and data will be the dominant topics during the next few years, becoming even more important and causing new players to enter the arena. Nonetheless, human beings will always “have their fingers in the pie” in the future as well. Total brand safety is therefore an impossibility. The evening remained dynamic after the conclusion of the main segment, as host Martin Meyer-Gossner tossed colorful throwable microphones – sometimes clear across the hall – to the experts in the audience who wanted to ask questions. After that, the members of the audience enjoyed snacks and drinks, as well as lively conversations and outstanding networking opportunities, well into the night.

The guests in attendance at the dmexco Night Talk in Munich included Michael Dunke (Mediabrands), Sonja Arndt (Microsoft), Jens Barczewski (GfK), Frank Herold (AOL), Martin Krapf (Screenforce), Almuth Fischer (Amazon), Gian-Marco Spinosa (Dentsu Aegis), Matthias Wahl (BVDW), Dirk von Borstel (OMS), and Rasmus Giese (United Internet Media).

The next Night Talks will be held in Berlin (April 26) and Hamburg (June 15).