Experience Hall | 13.09.2017 | 14.09.2017

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10:00 – 10:25
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The Reality Check

dmexco:artificial intelligence

Human Touch: Men and Machine transforming for the better

Moderator: Julia von Winterfeldt

Instead of replacing and dominating the human race, artificial intelligence should be helping and supporting human society. The so-called “humachine” will ideally be a symbiosis between human creativity and machine intelligence, which will give us the opportunity to benefit from each other’s strengths and talents. It will allow each entity to grow on its own terms, but enable both to work together to create something larger than the sum of its parts. What will such a helpful AI look like, and what will the future collaboration between men and machines look like in daily life? What core values do we need? And how will this development affect society and business?

Sonja Moosburger

MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group

Markus Ruebsam

SAP Hybris

Limor Schweitzer


10:30 – 11:00
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Keynote & Live-Demo

dmexco:mixed reality

How Holograms will change Marketing (and our life) forever

Virtual reality has taken the marketing industry by storm. Is it just another hype, or is it more than that? In the future, holograms, gesture control & voice recognition will make technology more human than ever before. The greatest change in human-computer interaction since the digital revolution is taking shape almost unnoticed, and it will leave many behind. Join us on a journey to explore the impact of VR and AR on marketing and find out how clients such as Lufthansa, LEGO, and Red Bull already make use of the potential today.

Thomas Hoger


Michael Zawrel


11:05 – 11:50
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Keynote & Cross Over


Up, up in the Air

Moderator: Cindy Chin

Is there anything more fascinating than the idea of people zooming off into space to have adventures in other worlds? Thomas Reiter is one of these adventurers, and at this year’s dmexco he will give a captivating keynote speech about the latest developments in space research, the work that is associated with it, and the unique allure of projects aimed at exploring the universe.

In the following discussion, Thomas Reiter and NASA scientist David Meza will show how digitalization is also transforming their work. They will look at how the findings of aerospace research and the technologies developed for use in space influence business processes here on earth and vice versa. Just think of the impact of the New Space Economy, the concepts being developed by digital giants such as Google and Facebook for empowering connectivity through space projects, and technological developments such as virtual and augmented reality that will enable everyone to share the space experience. And what about data? In the space industry, database technology can really be rocket science. Are these technologies also applicable to the commercial and marketing world we live in?
Let’s reach for the stars with our two space explorers! A whole new and exciting world lies ahead!

David Meza

NASA - Johnson Space Center

Dr. Thomas Reiter


11:55 – 12:25
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The Entrepreneur´s Experience


From Founder to Big Business: Leading the Industry Transformation in the Digital age

Moderator: Debra Sercy

Many organizations still struggle to define what the shift to digital looks like and how they get there. This session will explore the critical elements for leading a business through this transformation, focusing on the need to immerse yourself in the startup culture of agility and innovation. You will hear from three successful entrepreneurs motivated by developing the technology and services of tomorrow. They will provide advice and guidance on how to thrive in the digital world, including:
• You are who you surround yourself with
• The power of innovation without boundaries
• The shift in mindset to subscription and experience delivery models

Tarek Müller

About You

Tim Ringel

Reprise Media

Dr. Sarah Wood


12:30 – 13:05
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Visions of Creators


The Brand Disrupters: For Millennials, from Millennials - New Storytelling and the Power of Community

Moderator: Natan Edelsburg

In an era when TV as the mass medium Number One is no longer the millennials' darling, strong communities are needed in order to reach out to younger audiences and take new approaches to storytelling. How can brands create their own powerful communities? How can they foster growth and loyalty? What kind of content, stories, and storytelling are needed? And how does this translate into ROI? Listen to these millennials who are the rising stars in the areas of storytelling, community-building, and brand-building tell us about their new disruptive tactics.

Charles Bahr


Verena Hubertz

Kitchen Stories

Tanja Mehler


13:20 – 13:55
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The Authenticity Experience


Culture Shock - Dark Net, Fake News, Chatbots and our future communication

Moderator: Cherno Jobatey

With automated communication it´s difficult to locate the source of truth. Who has got the opinion leadership in Communities? What does communication make authentic? Which truth is more likely to reach the consumer? And what does it mean for brands? How to secure quality content and brand safety to engage audiences in trusted enviroments?

Jamie Angus

BBC World News

Daryl Lee

UM Global

Will McInnes


Adam Singolda


14:00 – 14:30
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The Leaders Talk

dmexco:artificial intelligence

Game-Changer AI: The impact for the Advertising Industry

Moderator: Jim Cooper

From Watson to Siri, Alexa to Cortana, virtually every major technology company (IBM, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft) is testing the bounds of artificial intelligence as a personal digital assistant or other consumer convenience—and with all the attention paid to these tools, ad tech is exploring ways to apply this science to the art of advertising.

The recent hype around A.I. raises the question of how our industry defines this concept, what role it can play in advertising today, and what impact it could have for digital media and ad tech in the future. In the current ad tech landscape, where does the line between A.I. and machine learning fall? What will be the return on investment against the level of effort this will entail? How would the introduction of data-collection devices that sound and respond like a human being impact consumer privacy, targeting and other data-driven aspects of media and advertising?

Jordan Bitterman

IBM Watson Content & IoT Platform

Rajeev Goel


Babak Hodjat


Beck Kloss


14:35 – 15:05
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Fireside Chat


AI, Data, Change Mangagement for a brand

Moderator: Jewell Strong Sparks

In times of digitization, brands need to dig their data. What kind of values can they find there? How do CDOs and CMOs implement these findings and insights to create meaningful interaction and build up a customer lifetime cycle? On the other hand, technologies like VR and AR will play a role in marketing in the future. Shiseido’s Alessio Rossi will share his views on how these technologies must be orchestrated in order to transform engagement into conversion and loyalty.

Alessio Rossi


15:10 – 15:40
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The Demo House


The Future at Home

Moderator: Cherno Jobatey

What does home mean to you? How will the way you relax, cook, sleep or raise a family change by 2020? Find out in this interactive panel session, and see how the tech of the future will emotionally move people in a connected and cognified home. Unruly has partnered with the world’s leading academics and experts on everything from sleep and interior design to internet safety and cutting-edge VR, to offer the audience with an opportunity to see how brands can reach consumers in the connected home.

Simon Gosling


Meabh Quoirin

Foresight Factory

Donald Shepherd


Dave Ward

Dixons Carphone

15:45 – 16:15
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Face to Face


Consumers on the move

Moderator: Anna Bager

The mobile consumer is becoming visible: Visionary DOOH approaches combine modern data-driven and technology-driven insights with the opportunities of programmatic advertising. Consumers can be reached at multiple touchpoints and through various channels (digital billboards, cell phones, etc.), and smart ideas such as real-time and dynamic advertising are creating a whole new range of targeting options for brands and marketers. The multichannel media company Ströer Group, which commercializes around 300,000 advertising faces out-of-home, and the contextual communications planning company Kinetic are two innovative heavyweights of this industry that we will be presenting on stage. Learn more about the fascinating opportunities that open up when you take digital advertising outside!

Robert Bosch


Liliana Caro

Kinetic WW

16:25 – 16:40
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Pop-up Presentation

dmexco:artificial intelligence

Mapping the Future: Intelligent services will take over the world - and that's okay

The way people engage with the world around them has fundamentally changed. Instead of searching on a desktop and getting ten blue links as the result, now consumers have the answers they need at their fingertips in the form of intelligent, structured, and direct answers. That means Siri or Alexa responds with an answer when you ask a question.
Today's intelligent services include voice search, AI, VR, and autonomous cars, but that's just the beginning. The future is now, and businesses need to build the foundations today for the success of tomorrow.

Howard Lerman


16:45 – 17:15
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The VR Experience

dmexco:mixed reality

Branding & VR: A match made in heaven?

Moderator: Alissia Iljaitsch

By now there is no doubt that virtual reality is opening up new horizons for many industries. Filmmakers, journalists, and artists as well as the gaming, travel, real estate, and education sectors regard VR as a new playing field with unlimited possibilities. But how can brands from other industries profit from the recent developments and use VR innovations for their communication purposes along their different customer journey? How can VR storytelling help to build up and strengthen the emotional connections with clients, business partners, and employees? Watch a variety of successful cases created by the Bundesliga, Merck, and Siemens and listen as the experts reveal what they are working on next.

Andreas Heyden

DFL Digital Sports

Rosa Riera


Beate Rosenthal


17:20 – 17:45
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The Service Experiment


Chatbots: Automated Communications driving Marketing KPIs?

Moderator: Christian Strobl

Chatbots are the next big thing in marketing: Using natural language processing, Artificial and - sometimes even - Emotional Intelligence, they offer a great way to market a product to the consumer - by just increasing service including individual advice and 24/7 availability. Let´s here from our experts how chatbots are working, what marketing scenerios there are and how the bots are increasing revenue and brand awareness.

René Brandel


Kemal El Moujahid


Clive Roach

Philips Lighting

Hilmar Scheel


17:50 – 18:30
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Innovation World Cup


Digital Marketing Innovation World Cup: Pitch and Award Ceremony

dmexco and Innovation World Cup are looking for the next mind blowing marketing solutions to hit the market at the heart of the digital marketing wave. We will present the “Digital Marketing Innovators of the Year” awarding the most inspiring ideas in the area of the Internet of Things, Wearable Technologies and Cloud Solutions. Take part in the birth of the next game changer!

More information about the Digital Marketing Innovation World Cup 2016/2017 as well as the overview of the 16 finalists you can find here.

The Jury on stage:

Frank Schneider


Christoph Schuh

Lake Star

Christian Stammel

WT Wearable Technologies Group