Experience Hall | 13.09.2017 | 14.09.2017

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10:00 – 10:30
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The Voice Lab


Sound & Motion: Branding without Screens

Moderator: JC Oliver

Thanks to voice-controlled devices, advertising is changing in a fundamental way. Instead of using letters or other visuals, the user simply needs to say out loud what he or she is currently looking for. Brands need to get ready for all the different scenarios and cases related to this new kind of brand building without screens. In this “blind” world, sound logos and motion are becoming more important — it’s a vast new field! Follow the panelists as they describe the future of audio advertising and learn what the next steps are for those who want to jump on and join the voice and gesture-driven brand-building process.

Adrian Cutler


Shenda Loughnane


Dan Wright


10:35 – 11:10
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Tech Check


Blockchain - Knowing your Consumer

Moderator: Alexander Koppel

Blockchain is the new Internet. What started out as Bitcoin is today's next big revolution — Web 3.0, far away from the hype of Silicon Valley. Blockchain features are actually offering interesting solutions for many challenges in the media and publishing business and online marketing, ranging from micropayments, digital rights management, and supply chain securement to complex identity and transaction-controlling smart contracts.

Richard Bush


Dr. Mark Grether


Curt Simon Harlinghausen

Publicis Media

Shermin Voshmgir


11:15 – 11:50
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The Content Debate


Programmatic Creativity - When Content Marketing turns smart

Moderator: Bernhard Glock

No matter which touchpoint you are looking at, content is arguably the most important component of the entire customer experience. And the perennial challenge of reaching potential and current customers in the right channels with the right content at the right time to nurture a relationship is becoming increasingly complex. This is where marketing automation steps in, helping companies to personalize customer outreach by making content more relevant and timely. Considered positively, marketers now have the time to innovate and grow their brand through content creation, rather than worrying about how to analyze and use data. But the scale of changes that marketing automation has brought to digital advertising and the involved creative processes give cause to fear that it is challenging our human workforce. Is technology finally taking over creativity? How can content stay king in this automated customer kingdom? Discuss with creative business leaders the future of smart content marketing and its effects on companies and clients.

Dr. Sven H. Becker


Yaron Galai


Karin Hennessy


Belinda Rowe

Publicis Media

Charles Yardley

Forbes Media

11:55 – 12:30
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The Data Experience


With Data & Creativity into the Consumer's heart

Moderator: Jim Cooper

Data-driven marketing is the new black. But how can we address the customer more individually and personally in order to reach consumers in a sustainable fashion? How can brands build individual relationships at scale using sophisticated data platforms. And how will technology disrupt the media environment, product development and new brand channels? And yes, it’s also about managing massive amounts of data, and using real-time reporting and analytics — but in the end, all brand efforts will only be successful if the message and the brand activity reach the heart of the consumer. Let’s hear the strategies and insights from impressive global executives.

Frances Ralston-Good

Hearts & Science

Robert Schwartz


Jay Sears


Maureen Traynor


Ian Wilson


12:35 – 13:05
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The Gaming Experience


eSports: Hype or Business?

Moderator: Melek Balgün

eSport events, which once started in backrooms and garages, have entered the limelight of the big stages and screens. eSport events are no longer just a phenomenon reserved for gamers, fans, and nerds; nowadays they reach an audience of millions all over the world. Why are these events so popular among young audiences? How do leagues, brands, players, and media profit from it? What is needed to professionalize the scene and create sustainable business models?

Zeljko Karajica

7 Sports / ProSiebenSat.1 Sports

Bernhard Mogk

ESL - Turtle Entertainment

Alexander Müller

SK Gaming

Oliver Wolf


13:10 – 13:40
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The Storytelling Experience


Brands, Entertainment & Politics: The big Narrative Disruption

Moderator: Dr. Kimo Quaintance

These storytelling masterminds will focus on how key features of the digital age, such as pervasive connectivity and the rise of participatory culture, are creating new stroytelling radically upsetting the way that traditional marketing campaigns in industry, entertainment, and politics are working. Understanding how new models - as the Collective Journey - are working is driving the success of diverse movements from entertainment franchises like Marvel and Game of Thrones, to political forces such as ISIS and Brexitor Trump. Learning how these movements work can enable marketers to tap into the massive power of public participation, and guide their audiences to meaningful impact. 

Jon Collins


Jeff Gomez

Starlight Runner

Ann Rubin


13:55 – 14:15
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The Lab Experience


How Addressability Creates Next Generation Customer Connections

How data driven technologies are fueling the next generation of consumer-centric marketing techniques. From consumer data and insights, to addressable messaging, to anticipating your next customer, learn the new technologies and platforms that are paving the way for better consumer relationships.

Chad Stoller


14:20 – 14:45
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Flying Lab


Digital Innovations at new heights: Paradigm shifts in digital marketing

Moderator: Cherno Jobatey

Digitization is a big topic in the aviation industry. That’s why Lufthansa has designated 2017 as the Year of Digital. Around 300 digital projects are being orchestrated in the aviation industry, including all of the brands and teams of the Lufthansa Group. In his talk, Torsten Wingenter will explain how virtual reality, 360-degree videos, and other digital innovations are enriching the travel experience.

Maks Giordano


Dr. Torsten Wingenter


14:50 – 15:20
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Psychographic Targeting: The Trump Effect in Marketing

Moderator: Joanna O'Connell

Through psychographics, predicting customers' behavior is reaching the next level. The masterminds on this panel are going to shed some light on psychographic targeting and how to read a user's digital body language. Psychographics have become a very controversial topic since the last US elections, and they might turn into the next big thing in media planning, with successful cases of brands boosting conversion rates. Let's discuss whether the ability to foresee consumers' digital behavior will finally enable us to deliver genuinely personalized messages and campaigns, and eventually even the products and services that specific customers want and need. Some of the most brilliant experts in the field of psychographic research will present an exciting picture of what we are capable of doing already by means of psychographic targeting — and of how to deal with this data power for the benefit of everyone involved.

Dr. Liraz Margalit


Richard Robinson

Cambridge Analytica

Prof. Dr. Joost van Treeck

Hochschule Fresenius - Hamburg

Hubert Wieser

Nestle Purina Petcare

15:25 – 15:55
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The Crystal Ball


Digital Tsunami? Economic changes in a transforming world

Moderator: Tolgay Azman

Let’s define Germany’s position in the world of business and Industry 4.0. Although our country prides itself on being a global leader in engineering and is active in innovative fields such as AI and robotics, many companies are still reluctant to embrace the transformational power of Industry 4.0. Will we risk losing our top position as technological pioneers by attaching more importance to traditional values such as quality, efficiency, and security than to digital prototyping and new business models? How does Germany compare internationally? And what does innovation mean to German companies? This panel will take a closer look at how Germany can lead sustainably in the fields of digitalization, innovation, and technology in the years ahead. You can look forward to hearing about innovative business approaches and discussing how to strengthen the necessary growth-oriented mindset in Germany’s corporate culture.

Katharina Borchert


Philipp Justus


Frank Riemensperger


16:05 – 16:35
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Video Summit


Creating Digital Content - New Formats, New Platforms, New Storytelling

Moderator: Natan Edelsburg

Video is in motion! It’s the bright star of the advertising industry, and it is challenging video producers, creators, and advertisers to keep track of the rapid speed of change in this trendy medium. New formats such as clips, gifs, and live streams are highly addictive for a very young generation. It’s all about short vs. long formats, new creative approaches, and personalization. New platforms are on the rise, and video consumption and screens come in many variations. New storytelling for video formats is currently being widely discussed. In addition, video is becoming the new sales machine — and that makes it even more attractive for brands. This panel, which consists of the most successful and inspiring video professionals and creators, will discuss the next big trends in video as well as the changes and challenges of video creation and advertising. Don’t miss it!

Kevin Allocca


Christina Keller


Melanie Mohr


Tom Punch

VICE Media

16:40 – 17:05
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The Cherno Talk


Storytelling in the age of Snapchat

Moderator: Cherno Jobatey

See what's behind Snaps, Stories, and Lenses and how to successfully interact with the new generation of users in Germany and Europe. Marianne Bullwinkel, Snap Inc.'s Country Manager for DACH, explains the shift to communication with pictures and videos, and how Snapchat is innovating and enabling creativity every day for millions across Europe in a fun and safe environment. Listen to a unique and open talk between Marianne and Cherno and learn also about her goals and motivation to lead Snap´s business in the DACH region.

Marianne Bullwinkel


17:10 – 17:30
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The Three Prophets


Three Key Predictions in Five Minutes

Moderator: Cherno Jobatey

dmexco’s visionary session at the end of two exciting days: Industry powerhouses will reveal their fast-paced, provocative predictions about the future of advertising (in five minutes each!). Get the inside track on what to plan for next month and next year, new trends and tactics, and how to be prepared for tomorrow’s business.

Jeff Gomez

Starlight Runner

JC Oliver


Christi Olson